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Why Privacy Matters

User privacy is important, and awareness is on the rise globally. Search data privacy violations do not result only in annoying marketing, they can also result in the manipulation of news for users, and even identity theft. Partnering with Privado as a private search option places the decisions about search privacy in the hands of your users. Respect for privacy is a right, and this is why we built Privado.

Partnering for Privacy and Profitability

Privado search results, both organic and sponsored, are based on the search query the user has entered. Results are not biased by age, gender, or any other personal data. As we continue to innovate on behalf of our users, new features are added all the time, but one thing stays constant. We respect user privacy. Privado for partners:

  • Enables monetization without abusing user personal data by delivering non-traceable/contextual ads.
  • Offered as a Rev-share business model, with analytics and reporting.
  • Fit for Publishers, Mobile operators, OEMs, cybersecurity platforms, and browsers.

Privado - a Truly Private Search Engine

Privado, founded in 2020 and developed in collaboration with Microsoft Bing, is a private search engine, available from any internet browser, as an extension for Google Chrome , Firefox Add-On and as a Google Play App

Privado doesn’t store the user's IP address, device ID, or other personal information. Search results delivered by Privado are driven by the user’s search query and not by personal data. Additionally, it doesn’t use tracking methods like tracking cookies, pixels, or fingerprinting.

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