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We don’t store personal information

To ensure a search query is not associated with a specific user, we do not store a user’s IP address in the Privado database, but rather, we create an anonymous ID. Note, that to preserve a high-quality search experience, our search partner does store and keep the IP address and search term for 96 hours. This is done for fraud detection purposes only. Privado also never stores the full user agent string and other fingerprinting properties. We only store a few segments of the user agent string, and even then, we ensure these cannot be associated back to your search history. Moreover, we don’t use any cookies or any means of tracking, such as pixel or fingerprinting. However, cookies are used by our search partner. To learn more read our Privacy Policy

We ensure your search experience is private

In order to eliminate the ability to extract the search term, we encrypt the search term, and it becomes unreadable in the browser’s history (Chrome and FireFox). For search enhanced search experience purposes, note that the search request to our search partner is sent with the original search term. If you accidentally kept your search session running, we limit other users’ access to your search activity, by setting a five-minute expiration time so any attempt to trace the search term is prevented. Lastly, user's search results page preferences are saved in local storage ensuring your own preferences are exposed only to you on your own machine/ device. Privado doesn’t have any access to this data.

We Offer Enhanced Product Experience

To improve performance and optimize search experience, Privado stores aggregated search data. This data is used for statistical purposes, and does not include any identifiable IP or User Agent String data. Our use of the aggregated data is designed to help us deliver a powerful privacy product that is constantly improving.