We built Privado because we believe in your right to online privacy

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When you search online, you (like most of us) probably just want to get the best possible search results as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, your searches and other personal information is often collected and sold to companies who use this data for various purposes.

That's why we built Privado - so you can search online privately and securely.

Your personal information should stay personal

Many companies use your searches to understand what type of products and services you're interested in. This data is often used to bombard you with advertisements and banners wherever you browse.

We believe you should be able to search the net freely without having to worry about being tracked or followed around the internet.

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Your Online Privacy Matters

Your searches provide valuable data about your browsing and buying habits. That's why companies are so interested in your personal information and your searches. We believe you should be able to search online without anyone profiling you based on your searches

We built Privado so you can Search in Confidence.
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